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So Happy!

Saturday 06 October, 2018

Just received my first order. Every item was what I asked for and delivered on time by a very nice gentleman.
I will be a repeat customer and happy to share my experience with others. Thank you for making 1 part of my life so much easier.
Testimonial By: Brenda B — Edmonton, AB, Canada

Awesome Service

Saturday 22 September, 2018

We have been ordering from this service to downtown for a few months now and it is an unbelievable service highly recommended. Ordered 8+ times and every time has been an excellent experience. Give it a try!
Testimonial By: Andrew B — Edmonton, AB

Above and Beyond

Saturday 22 September, 2018

An amazing service. I ordered the wrong thing and the delivery driver went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed. I have severe celiac disease and the selection of gluten free items with good prices is awesome. The delivery driver is also very careful to not cross-contaminate my food with other orders, which is essential for my health. When I am too fatigued to leave the house this service is a lifesaver! I don't have to worry about draining the last of my energy to make sure my pets and I have food.
Testimonial By: Tamara L — Edmonton, AB, Canada

Earned my loyalty!

Friday 21 September, 2018

There's a lot to be said for the convenience of doing your grocery shopping on your tablet while poking around in your kitchen to see what you need. I was initially hesitant to try online grocery shopping (I'd heard horror stories), but there's absolutely nothing to worry about with I've placed multiple orders now, and each one has been perfect: every item is selected for superb quality, carefully packed to preserve that quality, and delivered on time with a smile. On top of that, the selection is far superior to any brick-and-mortar grocery store, and the prices are generally comparable (and in some cases, even less than what you would pay for the same item in a conventional store). I couldn't be happier!
Testimonial By: Pat I — Edmonton, AB, Canada

Literally Saves My Life

Friday 21 September, 2018

I'm in hiding from my abusive ex and this service makes it so that I don't have to show my face in public (ie get noticed by someone who's on his side) and thus ensures my safety. Knowing that guy, I wouldn't put him above murder, so I live every day in fear of him. This service alleviates that fear to an extent, as it greatly lowers the chance of said event occurring!

Admin: That's a really sad and terrifying testimonial. Name has been reduced to initials only. Happy to be of service.
Testimonial By: C L — Edmonton, AB, Canada

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When you are living in the heart of the city with no vehicle and relying on public transit to get your groceries, this service came as a lifesaver! I...

Amazing Service

With a lack of car and being busy with school and life in general, this service has been amazing! My groceries are always delivered with a smile, and...

My lifeline!

I'm a busy single mum working full-time and this service is my lifeline whenever I'm pressed for time or unwell. I love the personalised friendly...

Terrific service

Broke my leg recently and was concerned about having to buy groceries with crutches. Placed order at 9:00 am and received at 2:00 pm. Delivery driver...

Quite Impressed

I found this service online and decided to order right away. All goods were delivered 1 hour earlier that my suggested time frame. They called to let...

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