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Sunday 12 March, 2017 / is an independent grocery delivery service not owned by any of the market-dominant billionaires. This has its challenges in terms of market awareness, as small operators are pretty much shut out of market access without spending a lot on advertising. Even "free" internet search algorithms are biased to funnel potential customers to the big guys.

With this in mind, we are happy and grateful that you have found us, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve your grocery needs. If you have found our service helpful, please post your testimonial about your experience with our service and the products we provided to you. Your testimonial helps other people decide whether to try our service.

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Once registered and logged in, you can start an order and, if you need to leave before the order is complete, you can log out and return to it later and continue from where you left off.


First order

Received my first order today. AT MY DOOR. I could not be more pleased. Ordered a fair amount of fresh produce and of course wondered what condition...

It is Wonderful

I'm very busy, and I do not like going to the supermarket. It wastes a lot of time. I love! The service and the attention are excellent and...

This service is amazing!

I can't drive and due to an accident, my fiance isn't able to drive for a while. With the weather being what it's been and after months of taking...


I get around in a wheelchair and DATS. On bad days, I ordered from Save-On. I was not happy with them so I did a web search. Glad I did. The...

Quite Impressed

I found this service online and decided to order right away. All goods were delivered 1 hour earlier that my suggested time frame. They called to let...

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